New legume in gluten free products causes concern and potential for an allergic reaction.

lupin2A new product widely used in gluten-free products is causing concern as a possible allergen. Lupin, a type of used in products has the same type of found in peanut and soybean allergies.The Kansas State University Rapid Response Center has issued a warning concerning the possible allergen and type of reactions that may be experienced including hives, swelling of the , vomiting, breathing difficulties and anaphylactic shock.

The U.S. Administration has issued an alert, urging consumers with peanut and soybean allergies to read labels before buying these products.

The is monitoring complaints of lupin allergies by U.S. consumers and manufacturers are required to list lupin on their label.

 It is expected that lupin will become a popular product in the area as it is low in fat, high in an in dietary fiber; thereby lowering cholesterol.


Kansas State University

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