Widespread exposure to chemicals causes onset of early menopause

chemical2Another study has exposed the permeating health impact of a wide array of chemicals. Fifteen chemicals were linked to an earlier start of menopause and harmful effects on ovarian function. The chemicals tested consisted of nine PCB, three pesticides, two of plastics called phthalates and the toxin furan. Continue reading “Widespread exposure to chemicals causes onset of early menopause”

Senate votes against DARK Act.

darkactThe DARK Act (Denying Americans the Right to Know) has been boycotted by grassroots organizations, concerned consumer groups and scientific organizations.  Ninety percent of consumers support labelling of genetically modified food.  Continue reading “Senate votes against DARK Act.”

High glyphosate levels linked to chronic illness.

glyphosateAnother study has chronicled the side effects of glyphosate exposure. In this study glyphosate residues in urine was tested in a wide range of mammals including hares, rabbits and humans. Continue reading “High glyphosate levels linked to chronic illness.”

Dark Side of the Strawberry report reveals use of hazardous pesticide in the Strawberry industry.

pesticide1The Center for Investigating Reporting has released a new report analyzing the use of a hazardous pesticide on Strawberry crops and the disregard by state regulators on public and environmental health; increasing the risk of cancer and other  problems. The is particularly prevalent in certain school communities surrounded by agricultural fields. Continue reading “Dark Side of the Strawberry report reveals use of hazardous pesticide in the Strawberry industry.”

Environmental pollutants lead to defective sperm

healthyimages-150x120A study published by Milken Institute School of Public Health (Milken Institute SPH) at the George Washington University and co-authors has indicated that organochlorines lead to defective sperm. Exposure to these chemicals in teen years and sperm abnormalities are associated with fertility problems later in life. Organochlorine pesticides such as DDT were used extensively through the 1960s and are now banned in the United States but people in the United States can be exposed to these pollutants, by eating a diet with lots of meat, dairy and fatty fish.

Continue reading “Environmental pollutants lead to defective sperm”