Health benefits of blueberries changed by processing methods.

blue1A study published in the journal of Agricultural and Chemistry has revealed that blueberry processing impacts on the benefits of the fruit.

are associated with several perks including improved thinking, reduced for and reduced inflammation attributed to the phenol content of the plant. Processing of the fruit such as juicing and canning lowers polyphenol content by 22-81%.

The team tested the stability of the polyphenol compounds during cooking, proofing and baking. It was determined that all three processes had mixed effects on ’ polyphenols including anthocyanin, procyanidin, quercetin and phenolic acids.

Anthocyanin levels dropped by 10 to 21 percent. In contrast the levels of smaller procyanidin oligomers obtained a boost while those of the larger ones dipped. Phenolic acid levels increased. Other compounds such as quercetin remained constant.


Ana Rodriguez-Mateos, Tania Cifuentes-Gomez, Trevor W. George, Jeremy P. E. Spencer. Impact of Cooking, Proving, and Baking on the (Poly)phenol Content of Wild Blueberry. Journal of Agricultural and Chemistry, 2013; 131025155800004 DOI: 10.1021/jf403366q