Faster heart rate correlated with a higher risk of diabetes

diabetesheartrateA study released by Penn State University, and published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, has associated a higher heart rate with diabetes, acting as a novel pre-clinical marker or for diabetes. The longitudinal study consisted of 73,357 Chinese adults whose heart rates were measured during a baseline exam administered in 2006-2007. Continue reading “Faster heart rate correlated with a higher risk of diabetes”


Low carbohydrate vegan diet reduces risk of heart disease.

veganideasThe diet, most commonly referred to as the Eco-Atkins diet, has been found to most effective in managing weight loss and reducing the by 10 percent over ten years. Continue reading “Low carbohydrate vegan diet reduces risk of heart disease.”

Type 2 diabetes affects executive function.

diab-150x147A new study by the University of Waterloo is one of the first to associate to control of emotions, behaviors and thoughts. The paper was published in the journal of Psychosomatic Medicine and represents a comprehensive summary of available studies that examine the link between and reduction of executive function. Continue reading “Type 2 diabetes affects executive function.”

Walnuts cause genetic changes in animal cancer cells, reducing inflammation, blood supply and growth of tumors.

walnuts1.jpgA new study by the Journal of has revealed the positive impact of walnuts on micro-ribonucleic acids (miRNA), the nucleotides that are involved in altering gene expression. Previous studies have documented the associated with reducing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Continue reading “Walnuts cause genetic changes in animal cancer cells, reducing inflammation, blood supply and growth of tumors.”

Human immune system symbiotically linked with bacteria.

microbiome.jpgA new study presented at the American Society of Human Genetics has associated a humans immunity-related pathways to the composition of the microbiome. The microbiome refers to bacteria and other microbes that live in and on the body and form a biological network. Continue reading “Human immune system symbiotically linked with bacteria.”

Drinking coffee reduces risk of diabetes.

coffee1A new study by the Havard School of Public Health, published in the journal of Diabetologia, revealed that increasing coffee consumption over a four year period reduces the risk of diabetes by 11%, by drinking one and a half cups of coffee and by 37% if three or more cups are consumed. Continue reading “Drinking coffee reduces risk of diabetes.”

Fructose viewed as the principal driving force for diabetes

fructose1-150x150Another study has confirmed the metabolic damage caused by fructose. Diabetes is estimated to impact on approximately 29 million people in the US, with another 86 million suffering from pre-diabetes. Added sugars such as fructose have been directly linked to diabetes and pre-diabetes. Continue reading “Fructose viewed as the principal driving force for diabetes”

Yogurt may prevent type 2 diabetes.

yoA study published in the open access journal has specified that eating yogurt may act as a preventative measure for type 2 diabetes. The research findings are based on an analysis of information on dairy food intake and health from over 195,000 health professionals over decades, during which time 15,000 participants developed type 2 diabetes. Continue reading “Yogurt may prevent type 2 diabetes.”