Coconut oil controls fungal gut pathogen. Food a powerful ally in reducing the risk of disease

download (2)A new study published by Tufts University has specified that coconut oil controls gut bacteria that may cause health problems.

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Alcoholic binge drinking disrupts the immune system.

alcohol (1)The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines binge drinking as drinking sufficient alcohol to reach or exceed a blood alcohol content of .08, the legal limit for driving. This typically occurs after four drinks for women or five drinks for men, consumed in two hours. Continue reading “Alcoholic binge drinking disrupts the immune system.”

Human immune system symbiotically linked with bacteria.

microbiome.jpgA new study presented at the American Society of Human Genetics has associated a humans immunity-related pathways to the composition of the microbiome. The microbiome refers to bacteria and other microbes that live in and on the body and form a biological network. Continue reading “Human immune system symbiotically linked with bacteria.”

Art, nature and music boost immune system.

artA new study by the University of California Berkeley has revealed that positive emotions invoked by music, art and nature stimulate the immune system. The immune response results in lower levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines. This is the first study to investigate the impact of positive emotions. Continue reading “Art, nature and music boost immune system.”